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Can I change plan during the year?

Yes, you upgrade your plan by simply paying for the difference.

But you cannot downgrade. If you want to downgrade, you will have to wait until the end of the year and you won't renew your current plan.

What are the advantages of your directory?

Bkafka is strictly a directory for movers. Our links are very strong because we are all in the same niche.

Moreover, you will have with us the possibility to have Dofollow backlinks. Most directories are only offering Nofollow links.

Can you guarantee a result on my rankings?

Obviously not. SEO is a complex discipline. But so far none of our clients have complained.

75% of our clients are renewing their plan after 1 year.

Why do I need to have a unique page on Bkafka?

It's the best of our offers. Because of our authority, our page should appear under your name request. We recommend to link this page to your money page.

How do I make a purchase?

First, send us an email with your website and the plan that you would like to select. Then we will send you a bill, and ask for information fields that we need to fill the page. As soon as we receive payment and information, your Business will be added to our directory

Why is it good to have 5 subscriptions?

Some Removals companies which only work in one city don't need the Al Capone Plan. But other companies work in multiple cities. Each subscription directs to a different page linked to each city/office.

What is your most popular offer?

"Boss" is the most popular offer. It is attractive for small and large businesses, and it is a good start, just below the Al Capone plan for larger businesses