Barbara Kafka

Spinach Meatloaf


Fresh, homemade meals can actually be convenient - as long as they're not fancy or showoff-y. This meatloaf, too, cooks handsomely in the microwave in less than 20 minutes.

1 pound spinach, stemmed and washed

1 medium onion (6 ounces), peeled and quartered

3 cloves garlic, smashed and peeled

¾ cup cooked quinoa

¼ cup and ½ tablespoon teff flour

½ cup and 1 tablespoon ketchup

2 tablespoons gluten-free tamari soy sauce

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef, preferably top round


Place the spinach in a 10-inch pie plate or quiche dish. Cook, uncovered, at 100% power for 5 minutes in a microwave oven. Remove from the oven and let stand until cool.

Place the spinach in a food processor and coarsely chop. Remove to a large mixing bowl. Place the onion and garlic in the food processor and finely chop. Add to the spinach along with the remaining ingredients except the beef and blend well. Once the mixture is uniform, add beef and combine well.

Transfer the mixture to a glass loaf pan measuring 9 x 5 x 3 inches, making sure there are no air pockets. Cover tightly with microwave plastic wrap and cook at 100% power for 15 minutes. Prick the plastic to release steam.

Remove from the oven and uncover. Cover with a kitchen towel and let stand for 15 minutes. Serve hot or cold.

Makes 4 to 6 servings

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