Barbara Kafka

Chicken Caprese

(featured on 20/20 episode) 

This is about as quick and simple as dinner for two can get and very good—seven minutes in a 1,200-watt microwave.

2 skinned and boned ½ half chicken breasts (6 ounces each)

¼-pound baby carrots trimmed and scraped (see Vegetable Tip) or larger carrots cut into ¼” sticks

¼ pound haricot verts (tiny string beans) tipped and tailed

1¼ cups marinara sauce

2 thin slices mozzarella (optional)

6 large leaves basil

Olive oil (optional)

Kosher salt to taste

Black pepper to taste

Place chicken breast halves, thin sides toward the middle in a 12”-oval glass or ceramic pan at least 2”-deep.

Leave enough room for half of the carrots at either end. Put green beans in the center of the dish between the two breast halves. Pour half of the marinara sauce over each breast half. If using, place a slice of mozzarella on top of each breast half. Place three basil leaves on top of each breast half.

Cover dish tightly with microwave-safe plastic wrap. It will not touch the food.Place in 1,200-watt microwave for 7 minutes. Open door of microwave and prick with the tip of a sharp knife the bubble that that the wrap will have formed. Remove from oven. If desired, sprinkle salt and pepper and olive oil on the beans. Serve.

Makes 2 portions

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