Barbara Kafka

New York Times Best Seller!

                                                                             Microwave Gourmet

A revelation for anyone who thinks that reheating is what the microwave oven does best.

A comprehensive book
  • with nearly 600 recipes
  • with recipe versions to serve 1,2,4,6 or more
  • with recipe versions for full-size ovens and small-size ovens
A book-within-a-book
  • with a 104-page double-column Dictionary that provides exact cooking times and methods in over 500 entries
  • an at-a-glance reference that provides a world of practical information about the microwave oven
A book for today
  • for today's single and smaller households
  • for all who long for hearty home-cooked meals and glorious dinner parties but don't have the time to prepare them
  • for the health-conscious cook who wants to retain the bright, fresh netrient-rich flavors of foods while cutting down on fats

Microwave Gourmet